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Put the power of pleasure in your hands! Spice up your alone time. Or share your new found treasures with your lover.  Adding toys to your sexual experience will open new heights of exploring. Regardless if your in the shower. On a date or spending time alone. We have a Men's pleasure toy awaiting you!

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  • Masturbators
    Size yourself up. These male masturbators are easy to use, nice to look at and excellent way to work out. Whether you are testing your strength, or adding something special masturbators are an amazing way to satisfy your manly cravings. Below you will find pocket masturbators, realistic masturbators and some unique masturbators. Each one brings a new sensation like never before.
  • Prostate Massagers
    Essential to Men's Health Prostate Massagers are growing in popluar demand. Some say it's for the pleasure, some say it's for the health of thier sex lives. Which ever the case may be there are tons of vibrating and non-vibrating prostate massagers. Look below to find one for you.
  • Penis Rings
    Penis rings are designed to help prolong your stamina and sexual performance. Provides an ultra safe and variable way to increase your penis erections and build longer, stronger explosive orgasms, for both partners.
  • Anal Toys
    Whether you are a beginner, or a master anal toys were designed for all kinds of minds. Ranging in sizes from small to XXXL you will be sure to find your perfect match. Doesn`t matter if you are a giver or a reciever there are plenty of anal toys to keep you coming again and again.
  • Penis Pumps
    Find your full potential while using a penis pump during your daily penis exercises. Stretch your member to the max. Using a penis pump on a daily basis allows user to extend his length, expand his girth and stronger longer lasting erections and explosive endings.
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Showing 1 - 6 of 53 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 53 items


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