Strap On sex toys make a great addition to any hot and heavy session. Try one on your lover today, give an orgasm you won`t forget. Use a strap on to enhance sexual play between two or more partners.

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  • Strap-On Kits

    An excellent way to spruce up and surprise your lover. Strap On Kits for lovers allow the tables to turn. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. When she's in charge you may surrender more often! Using Strap On Kits between lovers allows for extra imagination and an orgasm from out of this world!

  • Men

    Men's Strap Ons Come in various sizes, curved, widths and complexions. Adding some girth or length to excite your partner. Use Men's Strap Ons in case of medical erectile dysfunction. Also can use for multiple partners. 

  • Women

    When the lesbians wanna play. Let them play! Down below are Women's Strap Ons that can create a wild ride for two lucky girls. Foreplay. Roleplay or even pleasure yourself. With Strap Ons the roles can reverse at any time! Women Strap ons come in a range of colors, shapes, sizes and comforts. Try one below!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 13 items


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